Friday, February 3, 2012

Cheers to Brandie Randolph, The Thieving Editing Drunkard!

Hello all,

It's been a while since I've written a blog post. I usually embed photographs and videos. But today I was alerted about a certain reprobate today. So, I felt the need to write this blog post. It's been a while since I wrote anything this year, because I've been preoccupied with promoting my novel, and becoming the next BEST literary sensation, of course. So today, I'll be roasting, posting, exposing, and DISPOSING! I'm sure some of you remember the previous blog posts I've written about Editor Brandie "Theivin' Ass" Randolph last year. Yeah, I thought you'd remember. Lol. Anywho, this reprobate created a thread on six days ago, diminishing the quality of my book, while denouncing my publisher's reputation. I'll curtail what she said by adding the two links to the threads here: >>>>>>>;

Keep in mind, this bucket of pig vomit responded to one of the other bloggers on, when they asked rather my publisher is reputable or not. I don't have the link to that one, because when I clicked on it, it was nowhere to be found! Lies much? LOL! Ok, so, she effortlessly created two threads; throwing me and my publisher under an 18 wheeler. She made comments about my book being riddled with grammatical errors, etc etc. Basically, she compiled a thesis paper based on the information she found online about my publisher and me, and she published it under the thread she created. And she ONLY did it for four reasons:

1.) She's still SOUR, CRUNCHY, BITTER, and SALTY about me unfollowing her on twitter for not taking responsibility for answering the interview questions I sent her. I used to be a writer for a magazine that I was going to interview her for, until she waited two weeks later to pull a "I never received the interview questions" out of her ass, after I've emailed her the interview questions two weeks prior to that. After I unfollowed her on twitter, I received this notification from her on Twitter, saying that I unfollowed her, and she must unfollow me now. (Laugh my ass off). I mean, who hell keeps tabs on who's following them, and who isn't following them on Twitter? Why the hell do you care about strangers who unfollowed you, you ass hat! This broad doesn't even know me from Travis, and she subliminally attacked me for blowing holes through her thin "bull shit" exterior, and for slamming the door in her unprofessional ass face! lol And not only did she attack me on Twitter, but she did it on a public professional literary group, of ALL places. Before all of this "blow up," I knew she was up to no good. I discoursed with Brandie over the phone twice. And after our second phone conversation, I knew she was trouble. I'm the kind of person, when something seems, looks, feels, or SMELLS like bullshit, it's BULL SHIT! And I saw through hers right away. Lol

2.) I slammed her via my initial blog post for ripping off authors. I was just waiting for her to screw up, so I could expose her for the unprofessional two-bit filth she really is.

3.) This woman still follows my blog and the blog of the publisher she used to edit for. She read a blog post the publisher wrote about one of the editors who took her spot after she was terminated. And when she saw how the publisher lauded the other editor for being loyal and hard working, Brandie retaliated by creating that thread about my book, my publisher, and the publisher who fired her! (Laugh my ass off) Otherwise, she wouldn't have created that thread.

4.) Not only did Brandie steal from the publisher who fired her, but when they would send her on business trips, she would get hammered in public and yell their name, making them look bad. Plus, she was sleeping with the authors, while on the trips. Before I knew all of that, I suspected she was a watered down literary version of Karrine "Super Head" Steffans. It's no wonder she cohorts with New York Times and Essence Best Selling authors. (Laugh myself to the grave).

And how do I know it was Brandie who created that thread; it's very basic, everything she wrote are akin to one another. Hence, the four reasons why she's furious. Just read the thread, and you'll connect the dots. Way to go, ALICE SHORT CAKE! :-D

And this note is for Brandie. Brandie, you seemed to know the in's and the out's of the literary industry. Since, you know so much about being a reputable editor, and publisher, why don't you to explain and wiggle yourself out of this one >>>>>>>; Folks, be sure to read the very last post. The first three are the "good" things about her company.

And when did it become reputable to fuck your way to the top and steal? You don't have to rush or worry, I'll wait. (Files finger and toe nails).

And how come you waited several months after I dragged you on my blog to pull such a so-called stunt now? Dear, I'm afraid you're several months late, and $1,100 short (Hence, the money you stole from the publisher you were fired by).

And since I'm such a "nobody" why did you send me a news letter via email last month about your "company." I mean, a mentally impaired person wouldn't do anything that illogical. Were you trying to taunt me, or get me to pay you to edit my novel? LOL Sure, you can edit my second novel, FOR FREE! I mean, you've been editing my blog posts, articles, and my first novel anyway. So...why not? It isn't like I'm going to compensate your thievin' ass. lol!!!!!!!!!!

And as far as me being your biggest cheer leader, it's more like I'm your biggest JEER leader. Because I will continue to jeer and boo you until you've had enough. Since you're always parched for my attention, I will continue quenching your thirst until you drown! Keep in mind, sweetie,this isn't beef.I'm practically a vegan. I'm just setting the record straight. Believe me, you can continue barking, and howling up that tree until the cows and rooters come home. Because you're only feeding and fattening my victory. So, you're entitled to your opinions because nothing you say carries any weight. Your comments are like a credit card with insufficient funds: They're invalid.

And when do you get off connecting an editor to a book they never edited? Of course, she edited my book, but the other book you mentioned, she never edited it. LOL (Shake my head)

And yes, my book has errors, just like many other books. However, the people who read it were taken aback by the the intensity and drama. A book with a great premise can deter most readers despite of the errors. Now, deposit that into your EMPTY bank account.

And why did you post the link to the interview I did with my publisher last year? I don't believe it has anything to do with her reputation, because your reputation is hanging by a thread. I believe it's your "inner covetous bitch" rearing it's ugly head, because you were declined for an interview, due to your own negligence. So, who's the Negative Nancy, now? Remember you told me not to cut off my nose to spite my face? looks you disfigured your whole face, and blemished our own reputation. LOL

And you're supposed to be a representative for a particular professional writing magazine? Not only are you unprofessional, and unethical, but you aren't doing a great job at representing them. I would never want anyone who's suppose to represent me - make me look bad. I would fire you "Donald Trump" style. You need to shift your focus on cleaning up the speckle you've made out of yourself, and not on the people who scrolled past your existence last year.

And before you speak about credibility and reputation, you need to reevaluate yourself. You've slept with authors, you're a drunken lush, and you've stolen from others. Is that your definition of a good reputation and credibility? Obviously!

And while you're so obsessed about what my publisher and I are doing, and you love getting drunk, how about we toast to my growing literary success. Buttoms up! Now, edit that! *Winks*


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