Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Advice to Plus Sized Women

Ladies, if you're overweight please dress appropriately. It isn't cool to wear ill-fitted apparel that exposes your stomach, boobies, and ASSets. There's nothing wrong with being confident and comfortable in your skin. But remember this, there's a thin line between dressing modestly, classy, and professional and stuffing yourself in an outfit that makes you look like an overstuffed pork sausage. Plus sized people are heavily and incessantly stigmatized because of their size. Please don't give folks who are opposed to heavy-set people anymore ammunition than they already have. Oh, and if you eat like to overeat and expect to fit into that cute top that's been sitting in your closet for three months and you know it doesn't fit you, but you wear it anyway? Shame on you. Stop the madness. You don't have to be get skinny but you should get healthy. #Casedismissed

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