Monday, July 14, 2014

I Plan to Debunk These Fake ASS Hebrew Israelites

I decided it time for me to debunk these fakes Hebrew Israelites because they're worse than the typical Sunday church Christians. These Negros eat their pork, smoke their crack, BEAT their women, and celebrate these pagan holidays on the low AND on the forefront. Yeah, these Negros should be called out because some of them spread their AIDS in the community and the women are whores. Yeah, I SAID IT. No shade on the TRUE and RIGHTEOUS Hebrew Israelites. Just the FAKE ASS HEBREW ISRAELITES. You are despicable and the create is not pleased with you heathens. I should make a video about this madness because the Hebrew community ain't what it seems. Ask those FAG-O-LITES aka The Great Mill Stones. They loathe women and they endorse RAPE of young girls and women as a whole. You sick pricks! And for you chauvinistic Israelites who say the woman can't teach anything and you treat women like they're inferior, you mind as well make an alliance with The Great Millstones because they don't respect women either. Go ahead and post your scripture to justify your nonsense. I'll wait, LOL. 

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