Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Purging My Chest of All The Jive F*ckery

I'm back with again, folks! Once again, I'm going to voice my disgust about thieves and naysayers. Some of you already know I blasted "You Know Who" in one of my previous blog posts for stealing money from rising publishers and authors. Mmhhmm (In my rapper Khia voice) Any who, she'll be addressing her "Naysayers" at the inception of her show tonight. So be sure to tune into : Bad Girl of Urban Lit. Of course, I'm one of her most beloved "Naysayers." LMAO! If she wants to shout me and my book out, that would be GROOVY-TASTIC, because I sho' can use AAAAAAAALLL the promotion. YAAAASSSSS! (In my Rapper Khia voice). Hell, I'm just glad I made the cut! LMAO! Yes, folks, be sure to show Miss Thang all of your support, because she's going to need a surplus of your support before it's all said and done.This will give her a relevance and ego boost, along with my book promo. Therefore, I salute her! (Standing tall with my posture straightened, and my right hand raised to my forehead) Now, onto the REAL naysayers: My mother and sister. I love my mother, but I despise her negativity. She has no life or ambition. She lives vicariously through instigation, misery and negativity. And as for my sister, she's full of bunkum too. You'd think after all this time, my sister would be my second biggest cheerleader. Boy, was I incorrect. Humph. She seemingly allowed herself to get drunk off the same ASSinine kool-aid as my mother. But you know what, I'm using both their vitriol as my toilet: I'm steadily crapping on everything they say, flushing it, and victoriously wiping my ass. When my sister called me a "Failure" it resounded throughout the apartment. It's an echo, because I can still feel and hear that unattractive word stinging my eardrums, permeating my body, and nesting on my brain like cancer. But my spirit is resilient and her bluntly sharp words can't perforate it. :-) Family will hurt you when no one else will. And the best revenge you have is, success. Use success as your sword and you'll find your naysayers sucking your ass, licking your boots, and kissing your ring. Mmhmm..never slam the door on your hopes and dreams. NEVER prove your naysayers right, cuz' I'm not. :-)


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