Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mind Your Damn Business, You 100 Time Dr. Phil Reject!!!!!! LOL

Hello, folks!

I'd like to thank all of you for tuning into my FABULOUS blog. (In my rapper Khia voice) lol. Any who, I was emailing somebody this morning until some random prick bag taunted me about the length of my email. Keep in mind, I do not know this person from a jar of licorice, vice versa. I was minding my business until he commented about my email, saying that it looked like one whole paragraph, and that I was spending twenty minutes writing one BIG paragraph. At first, I was going to let it slide until he turned to the guy who sitting next to him, and trashed my writing skills. That was when I popped off on his stupid ass. He went on a pointless rambling session about being a better writer and communicator than I am. And that I'm socially inept and emotionally of out control. I'd say our "argument" lasted for about ten minutes. Who knows. But he called himself "counseling" and "schooling" me while denigrating my character. All because I got into his ass about poking his dick nose into my business. Who the frick' is he to police the way I speak and write when I never asked his presumptuous, narcissistic, waxed face, cherry-colored, boot leg Dr. Phil ass for his unwanted and unsolicited two cents! He was telling me about myself based off an email that had NOTHING to do with his simple ass or the guy sitting next to him. He should have kept his suck hole shut! How does one boast about their achievements and credentials, yet sit on their ass all day and worry about what other people are doing over the internet. Talmbout' he's wealthy. Yeah, he's wealthy all right. He's got a wealth of arrogance and the "asshole-itis"! I'm sure he majored in "Fuck-bastard-ology" and minored in "Pompous-dickbag-ology." I took shots at his ass while smiling in his eroded ass face! As soon as the librarian approached us to diffuse the situation, she told us we should leave. By him being the arrogant vomit bag he is, he told the lady I should leave instead. And that's when I said, "No you need to leave." I turned to her and said, "This man is harassing me. Therefore he should leave." Then I said, "I'm leaving and I hope he doesn't stalk me." Boy, he didn't like that all lol. As if his opinions are "Give-a-fuckable." I departed and relocated to the other side of the library to use another computer. A few minutes later, one of the head librarians approached me and asked me what happened. I explained my half of the story. And guess what, she told me this isn't the first they had an issue with him and another patron. And yes, that jackass was EJECTED from the library! HA! This dude has nothing to do except harass people on the bus and in the library. He needs to have a hundred THOUSAND seats, because he doesn't want it with Bossladywriter (Yours truly). And the nerve of that pale, OVERLY arrogant, powdery pussy-pink, raw, struggling face, bastard demon to label me a bad writer. All because of a punk ass email?! LOL! Man..if my funny bone hasn't been tickled numb, I don't know what is LOL! He thought he had the best of me when he FAILED faster than Beyonce at her own concert, all...the....while. LMAO! Now, boast about that, you egotistical Dr. Phil reject! LMAOOOOOO!


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