Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Point Precisely! LOL!

As some of you know, I blasted "Editor" Brandie "Thievin'Ass" Randolph in one of my previous posts! I basically denigrated her for stealing money from new authors. Well, she caught wind of my glowing post about her services and character, and she was disconcerted by it. HA! She called herself "Threatening" me, which is rather comical. LOL! Now, don't get me wrong, I don't take threats lightly. However, in her case, her "Threats" are like peanuts to an elephant. She ain't bout it bout! (In my Percy Miller voice) LOL! When you expose reprobates, they quickly assume victimization. It never fails! But don't worry Brandie, you aren't the only reprobate I'll be exposing. I'll be exposing more reprobates just like you and worse than you! Do you remember Carolyn Hall, my dear? Yeah, I thought her name would rang a bell. LOL. Yep, she's next on my "Hit em' up" list. Oh and by the way, Brandie, I'm not flustered OR intimidated by your "threats." The most high is my umbrella AND my shield. He speaks through me! And he's watching your ass like an owl. If you aren't familiar with Karma, I suggest you brush up on how to treat people. And take a refresher course, my dear, because you're going to NEED it, IMMENSELY! Any who, I think I summed everything up about you in a nut shell. Oh and one more thing, have you seen this report about yourself?: Rip-off report. Do you remember Marvin? One of the authors you ripped off?! You know it's going to take a HUMONGOUS chunk out of your reputation, right?! Hell, it ought to devour your conscience! Wait a sec, I forgot, YOU DON'T HAVE A CONSCIENCE! WHOOOOOOOOOOPS! LMAOO! (Scratching your name off my "Hit em' up list) BRANDIE "THEIVIN' ASS" RANDOLPH, FOUNDER AND OWNER OF "EDITING COUTOUR." Mission accomplished! (Segues to Carolyn Hall.....):-)


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