Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Educate, Entertain, and Expoooooooose!!!!!!!!

People, this blog is my personal online sanctuary (bat cave). This is where I educate, entertain, and expose. Now, I haven't done much educating, but I will be doing more of it. I'm not one to incite drama, but I'm swift to address the buffalo shit that saturates the air. I mean..isn't there enough noise and air pollution in the world?! So..why stand for buffalo shit, when you can repel it with neutralizing spray?! You all know what I'm talking about! I mostly talk about literature, but now that my book is published, I'm going to be on this blog like a flea on a squirrel's nut sacks! I should call my next blog post, "As the Buffalo Shit Abounds." If people find my blog posts affronting, they should use the same method they use while watching TV and/or listening to the radio: find another blog to peruse. And believe me, this blog is an aspect of what I do. I'm also an author who's currently working on her second novel. Trust me, the second novel is going to be so outrageous, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's great, GREAT grand father is going to spin over in his grave! The title of my next novel is called, "The Bold and the Ugly Truth." It's a fiction book about a notable televangelist, who goes on a public rampage and debunks religion. This novel will come with a disclaimer because it's going to tread on many toes. LOL! Stay tuned...........(In my Alfred Hitchcock voice).

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