Thursday, September 22, 2011

R & B Singer Lloyd is One of The Underdogs of R&B

I find it hilariously sickening when I see these groupies on Lloyd's penis like fleas and flies on bison shit. Can't these BLIND heifers see that this man is the UNDER DOG of R&B? Lloyd may be the king of hearts, but all the countless voting on BET and Singersroom aren't going to make him the king of charts. His music is great and he's very fortunate-looking to stare at, but let's face it, he's an underdog. I think he'll never get the props he's entitled too. I admit I'm not crazy about this newly released "videographed" single "Dedication to My Ex (Miss that Pussy)" It's too raunchy for my fancy. But that's my opinion and yes, groupies, I'm entitled to my opinions and druthers. So, if any of you are reading this blog post and you dislike it, TOUGH HOG MAWS! This is my blog and I say what mean and I mean what I say. I didn't purchase Lloyd's latest album because 1.) I'm gearing up for my book signings and I need the money to set up shop to help him out. 2.) His sophomore album, "Street Love" is his best album to date. Hands down. 3.) I'll buy his fourth album when I'm ready to buy it.

Any who, as I was saying, most of these voting polls are rigged. And these Lloyd stans and groupies are wasting their valuable time voting the way they do. I'm a fan, sure enough, but I'm also a realistic fan. Lloyd has been raped by his previous record label (Which I refuse to name) but you guys know who I'm alluding to: PERV Fatti (Irv Gotti) that's right! Lloyd has never had a dependable solid promotional team with that dirt napping record label. The same with his current record label: Interscope. His 4th album was pushed back a couple of times and when it was released, many people stated they didn't know he released an album. All his album had to show for it was 26,000 copies on the first week of being release. CATACLYSMIC MASSIVE EPIC FAAAAAAIIIIIL! Even I knew his album wasn't promoted sufficiently. And that it wasn't going to get the recognition it deserves. On the night of the EBT Awards, this man wasn't admitted into the main show. He was only allowed to perform at the pre-show. And when the Patty Labelle tribute commenced, he wasn't allowed to perform on stage with her! Keep in mind, he recorded a duet with her on the remix of "Lay it Down" come on now! Now, people think he's going to be nominated for a Grammy! What the funky smelly gym socks?! SMGDH (Shakes my goddamn head).

These stans and groupies are so consumed with delirium, they don't even know their tongue from their left nostril! I can't wait to see what they're going to do when this man doesn't get nominated for a Grammy next year. Let alone receive a Grammy! LOL Any who, I support Lloyd in everything he does, but he needs to cull out his professional circle. Because the lack of attention he's getting is unjust. And don't get me started with that pseudo ass fan club of his. Cuz' it's been over two years and they STILL haven't scratched the surface. LMAO! I'm only speaking about the people are getting PAID to promote this man while not doing shit for him. That's why he needs to hire me and cut the check! Because I'm one thousand times better at what I do. That is why I mentioned his name a few times in my book, which is available on Amazon. (Click link) And I'm sure it's going to surpass his fourth album sales and catapult his career. Purchase your copy today! IT'S YOUNG GOLDIE BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! :-)

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