Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Interview With Kenneth Simon

Kenneth Simon was born in Youngstown, ohio and he enlisted the U.S. air force after high school. After he was discharge from the service, he worked for the Youngstown water department. Before he found discovered his true identity a Hebrew Israelite, he was a christian in the baptist church. He's the father of 2 year old daughter, named, Dayna. And he's taking the time to speak to about his calling and he's been up to lately. Check it out. :)

Me: Shalom, brother Kenneth. It's a pleasure to have you here. How are you doing today?

Kenneth: shalom sister hannah. thank you for having me. i'm just glad to be living in these exciting times.

Me: It was a pleasure conversing with you on Facebook yesterday. For those who do not know you, tell them who are you are?

Kenneth: well, my name is kenneth simon and about 3 years ago i found my true nationality and heritedge as a descendant of jacob (israel).

Me: Before you found self in the walk of the most high, what was your previous faith?

Kenneth: before the most high woke me up out of my sleep; i, like many, was a christian. i grew up in the church, coming from a long line of preachers. i was about to be an ordained minister in 2008. i knew in my heart that i wasn't living right and didn't want to be a hipocryte preacher. the most high had been showing me some things in my personal studies that at the time i was blowing off because it wasn't what i was being taught in church. i looked myself in the mirror and asked asked the most high what he really wanted me to do while i was here on this earth because i was tired of sinning. that's when he showed me what sin really was. transgressing his laws. i found out that the jewish people living in israel were not the descendants of jacob and that my people the negroes in america fit all the curses of deuteronomy 28. i left the church about a week later. needless to say, major divisions arose between myself, my family and friends. many israelites can identify with the lonely road of following christ in truth.

You're apart of The Truth Seekers 313 movement. Tell us who else the group
includes. :-)

Kenneth: i actually don't consider myself to be a part of any group. the only one i follow is christ. when i left america, i first went to peru. i preached to the israelites there for about three months, then i came to egypt. that is when i met the brothers from the truth seekers and some from the gathering of christ church. you can find my preaching in peru on youtube (bro ken blessing peru). i also went to ethiopia and preached the gospel there for about two months. i am currently in egypt. there is a great bunch of brothers here including, but not limited to: bro freedom, bro rapayahala, prince israel, bro shapal, malek benji and bro micah to name a few.

Me: How long has The Truth Seekers Movement been around? And what's next for you fellas?

i'm not sure how long the truthseekers church has been around but i believe bro freedom started it. just about all of the brothers are musically tallented and come from the hip hop era, so i'm sure more music is on the horizion. i don't know what's next. just praying that the most high's kingdom come and his will be done.

Me: As an Yisraelite man in Egypt, how do you personally feel about polygamy?

Kenneth: this is a touchy subject, but i'll try to be as transparent as possible. what the western society views as polygamy, the bible does not. there are many instances that i could bring up but, our father jacob had four wives. as you can read, drama came along with that. so it's not something everyone can handle. i don't even know if i could handle it!

Me: I find your music very enlightening and truthful, what kind of responses do you received about the message in your music?

thank you very much, i really appreciate it. i usually get a good responce from my music. the hot tracks from shapal make the song. my lyrics are just the cherry on top!

Me: You're a firm believer in the Messiah. What else do you
do besides teach and fellowship?

Kenneth: i play the drums and a little bit of keybord. bro shapal and his wife have a band out here and they graciously let me accompany them on the drums! that's a blessing because i enjoy it.

Me: Now, that you're a different man with a different perspective about the world,
religion and religion, is there anything you regret about your past?

i cant say that i regret anything fom my past because i believe that it all lead me up to where i am today. i do however wish i knew back then what i know now!

You can send Kenneth a friend request on Facebook.


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